Tension amidst Priyanka and Dev’s engagement in Ishqbaaz


Anika clears the misunderstanding about Dev and Reyaan. Shivay gives his nod for Dev. The entire family is happy and keeps roka/engagement function for Priyanka and Dev. Priyanka’s subtle nature wins Dev’s heart. But, there is little tension in the engagement function, which shocks everyone. Shivay stops Priyanka and Dev from getting engaged. Shivay questions Mr. Chabbra whether Dev is his illegitimate son. Shivay is concerned about family lineage and tells Mr. Chabbra that he will not let the engagement happen. Shivay asks Mr. Chabbra about his extra marital affair with Ms. Chopra. Shivay confronts Mr. Chabbra with his straight forward question.

Shivay asks Mr. Chabbra if Dev is his and Ms. Chopra’s illegitimate child. Mr. Chabbra is tensed as his truth has come out infront of everyone. Priyanka is worried as she started liking Dev and was ahead to marry him. It has to seen if Anika has spied on Mr. Chabbra and gave this new lead to Shivay. Shivay keeps the info link hidden and tells the family that he can’t accept anyone whose blood line is illegitimate and from wrong roots. Omkara and Rudra do not give importance to blood and family line. But, the case is otherwise for Shivay. How will this matter gets cleared, and will Anika change Shivay’s perception about understanding person over family lineage? Dev and Priyanka like each other and very soon the marriage will be seen in the show, after all the tension ends. Keep reading to know what happens next.


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