Riya becomes Shanti’s Sankat Mochan in Mere Angne Mein


The show brings big celebrations in Shanti Sadan. Shanti has forgiven Sarla, after Sarla rectifies her mistake and gives a statement in favour of Raghav, which makes Raghav get back his senior guard post. Raghav’s job brings happiness at home. Shanti’s prayers get answered. Its Karwachauth function celebrated. Shanti dances along Riya, Kaushalya, Sarla, Preeti and other women. Ashok dances with Sarla, while Rani-Amit and Riya-Shivam also dance happily. Shanti blesses everyone.

The happiness breaks by a twist, when Nirmala lands there. Nirmala says she will celebrate Karawachauth with Ashok, as he is her husband. Sarla and Nirmala pull Ashok to their side. Shanti asks Nirmala to leave from the house. Shanti can’t see Sarla crying. She asks Nirmala to get lost and do drama in her own house. Nirmala tells Shanti that she will call police. She sits there and tells Shanti that she will not go anywhere without Ashok. Ashok is worried and tries to solve the problem. Sarla is sure that Shanti will never allow to make Nirmala stay here.

Riya has become Sankat mochan for Raghav and got his job back by the protests. Now, Shanti asks Riya to solve Nirmala’s problem. Riya assures Shanti that she will solve Nirmala’s matter with ease, and asks Shanti and Sarla not to worry. What will Riya do? Keep reading.



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