Rishi and Tanuja’s new bond beginning in Kasam


Rishi has understood that Tanuja is Tanu, and is hugging her by love. The viewers can hope that this is not a dream sequence. Rishi and Tanuja have an eyelock. Ssharad and Kratika’s fans will be getting a scoop of their romance once again. Rishi and Tanuja have united, and completed Rishi and Tanu’s love story. They are expressing love to each other in the same old way by simple eye stares.

Rishi has realized that Tanuja is his Tanu who took a rebirth and came back to him. Their love is of seven births and inseparable. They meet at the same place where they both have spent lovely memories. Rishi hugs Tanuja. She happily cries to get acceptance from Rishi. They actually hug because of the troubling rat in the room. They both have reached the place for work purpose, and the rat makes them bond. Tanuja gets much scared of the rat and starts crying. Rishi tries to console her and pats her shoulder to pacify her. They both realize the bond between them.


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