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The show has taken a leap of 6 months. Swara and Ragini have left their inlaws. They have taken new looks and connected with the music. Swara and Ragini will be seen enjoying their lives. They open a business of marriage bureau to earn a living. Swara and Ragini got separated from Sanskar and Laksh. Ragini plays a guitar and Swara plays a Sitar, and put a new flavour in the show. Their rocking avatars will surely be liked.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Vibhuti has become Sunny Leone’s superstar Saiyyan. He is much happy to dare Sunny and they both dance on one her songs. Vibhuti cooks the food for Sunny and shows attitude to Tiwari. Vibhuti dreams of Sunny. The show will bring Sunny’s performances on her superhit songs.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Vicky got promoted on Ishwari’s saying. Vicky shows attitude to Sonakshi and argues. There are many problems going on because of Mami ji and Vicky. Some bad happenings upset Sonakshi.


Bharadwaj family keeps Durga Puja. They all play Garba. Prem is upset. Someone comes to make Anjali against Prem.


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