Lav and Kush refuse to accept Ram as their father in Siya Ke Ram


Hanuman does not feel to attack Lav and Kush. He heartily loses out to them. Lav and Kush win over Hanuman and tie him to the tree. Lav and Kush get Sita and show them Ram’s devotee Hanuman. Sita confronts Hanuman for lying to her about his identity. Sita reveals to Lav and Kush that Shri Ram is their father. Lav and Kush get shocked knowing their mother is Devi Sita, who has been bearing the injustice by Ram till now. They cry for their mother’s struggles and get more determined to get justice for Sita. They are not ready to accept Ram as their father and are disheartened that Ram never made any attempt to meet them.

Hanuman and Gurudev break out Lav and Kush’s truth to Ram, and advice him to get Sita and his sons back to the Rajbhavan. Ram finally decides to bring Sita back. On hearing this, Rishis tell Ram that even if he brings Sita back after 12 years, Lav and Kush can’t become the legitimate heirs of Ayodhya. Everyone get shocked by the new developments happening. However, Ram is still form on his decision to get Sita and his sons back. Will Ram be able to win Lav and Kush’s hearts by answering their questions? Will the boys accept Ram as their father and head back to Ayodhya? Keep reading.



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