Rudra fixes Soumya and Reyaan’s meet in Ishqbaaz


Rudra takes Soumya with him to a restaurant. He wants to make her talk to Reyaan. He tells Soumya that he wants to help her as he is his best friend. Soumya wonders when did they become best friends. Rudra tells her that there are no stages in friendship for him, and once trust forms, trust is formed forever. He tells her that love angel taught these good things to him. Soumya gets shocked seeing Reyaan. Reyaan and Soumya start arguing. Rudra asks them to talk once, and helps them. Rudra asks Soumya to solve the matter by talking. Rudra asks Reyaan why did he badly behave with Soumya. Soumya tries to avoid the matter.

Rudra asks the reason for breakup. Reyaan apologizes to Soumya. He says he felt there is no connection with Soumya. Reyaan calls Soumya and his pairing as a disaster. He explains her what happened with them, it was always a loss. Rudra finds Reyaan a disaster and asks Soumya how could she choose such a guy. Rudra takes Soumya home. Rudra supports Soumya in her decision, and finds Reyaan a very dumb person to not value a true relationship.


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