Preeto keeps Soumya’s gender truth hidden in Shakti


Harman has got a lady in ghunghat, and they together attend the celebrations. Everyone does not know whether its Soumya or not. Soumya is crying in Guru Maa’s place and missing Harman. Preeto has got Surbhi in Soumya’s place. Its Celebrations of Navratri. When the saree vendor shows sarees to Soumya, she misses Harman. Surbhi sees the people questioning Preeto a lot. Surbhi comes as Soumya while covering her face.

Preeto did this planning to save her family respect. She does not want the villagers to know that her bahu is a kinner. When the guests ask Soumya to show her face, Surbhi acts to faint. Harman holds Surbhi and takes her away. Preeto wants Harman to marry Surbhi. She does not want to see Soumya back. Soumya is missing her mother, sister and husband. Soumya day dreams about Harman and is praying that her dreams turn true. Soumya and Harman would be meeting before Navratri end, but what will Preeto do then.


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