Anika’s shocking statement to secure Shivay


Randhawa has many evidence against Shivay, and suggests Shivay to confess the crime. Shivay shouts he did not murder Gayatri. Omkara and Rudra support Shivay and show belief. Shivay calls all the evidences flat. Omkara asks about the eye witness. Randhawa asks Shivay’s family to prove where was Shivay at the time when Gayatri was murdered. Dadi and everyone did not see Shivay at night.

Sahil tells Anika to go and help Shivay, as she can’t see Shivay going to jail. He asks her to make the things fine which she spoiled. She tells Sahil that she is sure that Shivay can’t murder anyone. Anika goes to help Shivay. While no one gives statement that they have seen Shivay at home, Randhawa asks Shivay where did he go at night. Anika gives statement that Shivay came to her place at night. Shivay gets super shocked by her statement.



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