Raavan Dahan brings new twists in Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi and Pragya have come for Raavan dahan. Their nok jhok starts and Tanu gets jealous seeing them. Tanu does not know whom Abhi loves. Abhi tells Tanu that Pragya is his secretary and she has to be with him. He says Pragya has to see his work, and she is nice. Tanu takes Abhi with him. Tanu and Pragya have an argument. Abhi tells Tanu that he forgot that he had to burn Raavan. Tanu asks will Pragya teach him how to shoot arrow and burn Raavan. Abhi says I know to shoot arrow well. Rockstar Abhi is doing nok jhok with Pragya. Abhi smells the flowers and says it’s not fake. Abhi shows his fun side and irritates Pragya. Pragya says I know and asks him to come with her.

Abhi and Pragya have to do Raavan dahan together, but Tanu has come in between them. Tanu wants to spend time with Abhi. She tells Abhi that he did not talk to her since morning, he is ignoring her. She asks Abhi to prove that she is his girlfriend. Abhi says I m too bad and jokes. Someone will be shooting Pragya and Abhi should save her. Aaliya has hired the sharp shooter. It has to be seen how Abhi saves Pragya from Aaliya’s evil plan.


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