Over-the-counter pain-relievers make Shivay speak up in Ishqbaaz


Pinky does Shivay’s aid, while Dadi and Jhanvi take care of Omkara and Rudra’s wounds. Rudra wants to get admitted in ICU for his little injuries. Rudra boasts that he has beaten 50 goons alone. Priyanka asks Dadi to get painkillers from Shivay. Sahil asks Anika about Oberoi brothers, did they get wounded. Anika is annoyed with Shivay and tells Sahil that Shivay is not too good. Shivay gets a strong painkiller, but tells Pinky that the medicines will make a person feel like drink, it will make person lose senses, though it works best as pain relievers. Omkara and Rudra are given the same painkillers by Dadi and Jhanvi.

Anika recalls Shivay getting beaten up by the goons. She gets angry that one bucket of water can’t wash Shivay’s mistakes at once. Sahil asks Anika to be proud of Shivay, who learnt to say sorry now. Jhanvi hopes the sons don’t do anything stupid by having strong painkillers. Anika praises Oberoi family and thinks to join back the work. Sahil uses reverse psychology and confronts her why did she save Shivay after he insulted her. Anika wonders why did she save Shivay. Even Shivay does not know Anika did that big favor on him. Rudra tells Shivay that there is chemistry between Shivay and Anika.

Shivay, Omkara and Rudra lose senses by the strong painkiller, and have a talk about Anika. Shivay tells them that he is feeling Anika is around. Anika comes to meet Shivay and hears the boys talk. Omkara and Rudra ask Shivay and Anika to talk about their unanswered questions.

Read what happens next….


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