Prem and Simar’s love back on track in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar and Prem celebrate Karwachauth. Prem finds Simar’s lost earring and makes her wear it. Simar smiles seeing his love. Prem tells Simar that he found the earring which fell somewhere. Mata ji got fine after Simar came back. Khushi was trying to sell Anjali, and Simar saved Anjali. They want Anjali to change and love Simar. Its Karwachauth’s night and everyone is seen happy. Prem and Simar’s love is taking a new flight. Their romance will be seen. Simar did not know the Karwachauth will get many surprises for her.

There is a beautiful sequence between Prem and Simar. They both are lost in each other. Simar is glad that she still matters a lot to Prem. Simar breaks her fast seeing Prem’s face through the net. When Prem was feeding food to Simar, Khushi shouts for Anjali. Everyone rush to see Anjali. Khushi asks Anjali to blame Simar for her kidnapping. Anjali does not want to accept Simar. Simar’s task is still the same. Simar has to end Anjali’s hatred completely and win her daughter’s love.


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