Shagun’s another trick to use Pihu against Raman


There is drama around Pihu again. Raman is shocked when Pihu has reached the police station. Raman and Ishita reach the station and see Pihu. Raman tries to talk to Pihu. Pihu cries and is angry on Raman. Ishita defends Pihu and talks to inspector. Simmi gets the call that Pihu is in police station. Simmi goes and sees Raman and Ishita already there.

Pihu tells inspector that she will not go with Raman and Ishita. She tries to bribe the inspector, as she learnt this from Shagun. Shagun has brainwashed Pihu well. Pihu tells inspector that Raman is her father, who does not love her. Raman is too hurt by her words. Simmi comes there and manages Pihu. Raman and Ishita walk out seeing Pihu’s stubbornness. Simmi convinces Pihu to come with her.


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