Ashish abandons his family for Asha and Avni in Naamkarann


Ashish shatters after Avni refuses to acknowledge him as Papa. Ashish comes home. Dayavanti understands something happened and tries to behave normal. Ashish gets his anger out, and argues with Dayavanti over leading a dual complicated and troubling life. Ashish refuses to live with Dayavanti’s fake ethics and torturing blackmail. Dayavanti asks Ashish to stay in her world, else she would be hating him from the core. Ashish rejects her love and hatred together. Ashish decides to leave from the house and declares the same to his mother. After their heated argument, Ashish leaves from his house.

Ashish comes to Asha and Avni’s home to live with them forever. Ashish gets determined to marry Asha and give his name and acknowledge to Avni. Asha and Avni get overjoyed with Ashish coming to them. Dayavanti gets raged seeing her son leaving her for a muslim girl. Dayavanti holds a grudge against Asha and vows to get Ashish back home. Avni and her parents spend some quality moments and live the time in a special way. Avni is very delighted to see her family becoming a normal one.


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