Raja and Rani’s dreamy romance in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


Raja and Rani have kept the fast for each other. Rani tells Raja that they keep fast not to stay hungry, but to show their love is very huge infront of small troubles. Raja tells her that he is very hungry, did the moon get stuck in traffic tonight. Rani and Raja get close under the dupatta. Chand chupa badal me……plays……Rani runs away and Raja catches her.

They have a romantic moment . Rani laughs seeing Raja’s tantrums. Raja behaves like an impatient kid and asks Rani to call the moon fast. This is actually a flashback scene where Rani is recalling the masti and fun. Rani thinks of Raja and gets sad. Rani says she will keep fast even if she is away from Raja and their relation is not strong. Both Raja and Rani keep their vows, and also fasts. It shows they may have got away, but their hearts will always be close.


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