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SNS: Urmila tells all the ladies to get ready, the moon has appeared. Kokila makes Parag’s other wife break the fast seeing Parag, and leaves her rights on Parag. Kokila makes everyone break the fast. Parag breaks Urvashi’s fast and gives her rights. Parag asks Kokila where is she going, when she has also kept the fast. Kokila says she kept the fast by habit, not by heart.


Thapki makes the girls have food and does Kanjak puja in Navratri. Everyone serves food to the girls. A girl falls in trouble, and Vasundara comes to the rescue. Bihaan still could not prove Vaani is Thapki.


Akshara breaks her fast seeing Naitik through the Channi. Akshara looks stunning and relives every moment of Karwachauth. The moon comes out, and Akshara and others are happy to break their fasts. Naira and Gayu get dressed in indo western dresses, while Akshara and Singhania family women wear traditional clothes.


Swara and Ragini meet a new client. They show the wedding planning photos to Gayatri. They get to know that Gayatri is going to be Uttara’s mum in law. The world is indeed very small. Swara and Sanskar come face to face. Their ego, anger and everything comes out. Swara and Sanskar will have a wedding connection now. Gayatri may plan against Swara and Ragini.


Soumya is crying and reaches the temple along with kinners. Khushbu comes there and gives Harman’s message to Soumya. Khushbu makes Soumya talk to Harman. Soumya talks to Harman after a long time and cries hearing his voice. She was longing to talk to Harman. When the kinners get busy in the puja, Soumya talks to Harman. She gets emotional when Khushbu gives Harman’s ring to her. The people get angry on kinners for coming in the temple.


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