Soumya to get kidnapped in Shakti


Khushbu meets Soumya and all kinners at the temple. She compliments Soumya’s beauty. She argues with Saya and asks why did they keep her away when she is also a kinner, and like one of them. Khushbu is the new entrant and wants to meet Guru Maa. She tells Saya that Guru Maa has sent her away and did injustice with her. She says she has stayed in hostel all her life. She explains Soumya that Harman has sent her, and she has come as a friend.

Soumya gets a hope that she can go back to Harman. Harman’s friend Kaustub takes disguise of a kinner and came between them, just to help Soumya and take her back to Harman. Kaustub will be kidnapping Soumya. Saya gets convinced by Kaustub’s acting that he is really a kinner Khushbu. There will be many twists before Soumya reaches Harman.


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