Meera to convince Dharam for surrogacy in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Meera attempts suicide, but Dharam saves her. Dharam knocks the door and asks her to open door. Meera says she can’t bear all the blames now. Dharam breaks the door. Dharam and Vidya get shocked seeing Meera lying on the floor. Dharam asks Meera to open the door. Meera consumes poison, but Dharam makes her vomit. There will be good news in Dharam and Meera’s life.

Dharam will agree for surrogacy soon. Meera shouts on Dharam and tells him her longing for a child. She cries and taunts Dharam on his age that he has lived all his life. Meera was happy that she can conceive, but she is weak to grow baby in her womb. Meera wants to become a mother and she wants to have a child through surrogacy. Doctor checks Meera and tells Dharam saved Meera by making Meera vomit on time.



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