Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin 2: Shivangi is dressed as the bride. Rocky is mesmerized seeing her. Sesha takes disguise of a lady and makes Shivangi ready. She aims to stop Shivangi from marrying Rocky. Yamini follows Shivanya and takes a knife to stab her. Shivanya does not know Yamini’s plans.

Yamini says Shivanya will be shocked seeing her, as she does not know Yamini is alive. Shivanya senses Naagin’s presence. She makes Shivangi to swear that she will not go out of the room. Shivangi does not understand why Shivanya is too worried.

Kasam: Rishi is getting engaged to Malaika. Rishi feels suffocated as the waistcoat gets tight at the neck. Tanuja goes to help him. Rishi starts shouting on her, and Tanuja scolds him asking him to shut up and let her ease him. She opens the waistcoat button and Rishi gets a relief. Their Tom and Jerry nok jhok continues.

Udaan: Vivaan goes to break Imli’s Karwachauth fast. He forgets all the pains after he was beaten up by the goons. Ranjana keeps fast for Kamal Narayan, and breaks fast seeing his face. Tejaswini cries seeing them. The Karwachauth has many twists. Imli and Vivaan celebrate Karwachauth. Suraj and Chakor see them. Suraj sees Chakor and feels some inclination towards her.


There were many problems in Soumya and Harman’s life. Harman looks out for Soumya. Soumya runs on the road to save herself from the hunting kinners. Soumya collides with Harman on the road. Her true love has made her meet Harman. The kinners run to catch Soumya. Harman and Soumya get shocked seeing each other. Their emotions have a burst and they hug.


Devanshi is not punished severely by Mata Kusum Sundar. Devanshi is asked to serve at Kusum Sundari’s house and temple, and gain good values from them. Devanshi does not see Mata Kusum with Mohan. She wants to get answer for Sakshi’s question. Devanshi sees a man who tries to steal Ishwar’s gold chain. She shouts and tells everyone about the thief. Devanshi was blamed for stealing the chain. The men try to chase the thief. Devanshi is announced innocent and freed from the blame. Mata Kusum asks Devanshi to go back home, but Sarla has other plans in her mind.


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