Kaal to break Raja and Rani’s togetherness in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


Raja is in danger. Rani makes the Dargah man treat Raja. She applies haldi lep to Raja. Rani has come to beg for Raja’s life, as Raja got bitten by a snake, there is no guarantee Raja dies or not, but Rani wants Raja back.

Raja has fallen blue and is treated for removing the poison. Rani feeds the people at dargah and prays for his recovery. Rani is in tension and wants Raja to get saved anyhow. Rani is ready to do anything, her emotions are coming out. This is tough test for Rani’s love, but she will get Raja back. Raja gets conscious and realizes what Rani did for him. Raja feels guilty and walks on nails. Rani stops him and asks him is he mad to put himself in risk again. Rani and Raja have an emotional moment. Kaal will be opposing the lovers and bringing new twists after Raja and Rani united. Keep reading.


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