Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:Raman and Ishita are getting married. Raman will marry Ishita in Tamilian style. Iyers and Bhallas will be competing in the dance competition of Madrasi and Bhangra dance. They decide the clothes and make teams. Iyers and Bhallas start fighting over the old and new songs.

Saathiya:Gopi is unwell and Jaggi is taking care of her. Gopi goes to pray for Meera’s child. Gopi wishes Meera gets happiness soon. Urvashi gives the medicine to Jaggi and says its herbal. Jaggi gives the medicine to Gopi and cares for her. He asks her to take rest. Gopi sleeps. Jaggi did not know it was sleeping tablet. Jaggi wishes the best for Gopi. Kokila’s 50th wedding anniversary is next. Urvashi and Gopi wanted Jaggi to have sleeping tablet so that he is away from the new issues, but Jaggi unknowingly gives the tablet to Gopi. How will Jaggi react knowing about Kokila and Parag’s wedding anniversary.


Its Karwachauth celebrations in Ishqbaaz. Anika does arrangements. Shivay gets mesmerized seeing Anika, while she lights the diya in Oberoi mansion. Anika looks for him when he goes out of his sight. Shivay wants to be around her and takes a close seat to look at her work. They both hide their sight and stare at each other. Their struggle to see each other shows their love. Tia comes in between and takes away Shivay. Anika keeps Karwachauth fast for Shivay. It has to be seen how her fast breaks by Shivay’s hands.


Gayu keeps Karwachauth fast for Kartik. Rama gets food for her, but Gayu refuses to eat. Gayu tells Rama that she loves Kartik and kept fast for him. Naira hears Gayu’s words and gets super shocked. Rama promises Gayu that she will get Gayu married to Kartik. What will Naira do now?


Avni is getting her mum and dad married. Asha and Ashish are getting married by all rituals. Asha makes the sweet wedding card by her own hands. Asha’s haldi is celebrated. Ashish dances with his mum in law Fatima. Avni is very happy and invites all the neighborhood. Ashish asked Asha’s hand from Fatima, to which she happily agreed. After 11 years, Asha and Ashish are getting married. Fatima asks Ashish if he will marry his way or do Nikaah. Ashish asks Fatima to decide everything and pays her much due respect.


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