Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Naagin Season 2: Yamini has covered her face and has gone to kill Shivanya. She catches Shivanya and holds her neck. Yamini stabs Shivanya and kills her. Shivanya was helpless and could not defend the attack. This happens to be Yamini’s dream.

Sesha comes and breaks Yamini’s dream. She understands what was Yamini dreaming. Yamini says Shivanya does not know I m alive, she will get a big shock seeing me. She wants Shivanya to see her and goes after her.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar and Prem have an argument. Simar tells Prem that her children are her life and pride, she is bearing insult because of them. Groom’s family comes to see Anjali. Simar tells them everything true about Anjali. They did not say anything and leave. Prem gets angry on Simar. She tells Simar that he has set everything and now Simar created this problem. Simar shouts that Anjali’s marriage is not a marriage deal and she will take care of Anjali.


Paridhi got trapped inside the mirror. Jolly’s soul in Rajbeer has created this problem. Jolly tortures Paridhi. The story will show how Paridhi fights with Jolly’s evil.


Harman takes Soumya on his bike and races the bike to get far out of the goons’ reach. They got away from the kinners, but they get caught by the goons who wanted to chase Harman. The goons drive their jeep and try to catch Harman. Harman and Soumya do not know how to get saved. Harman’s filmi action avatar will be scene.

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Rishi is getting married to Malaika. He gets dreams of Tanu/Tanuja and is worried. The old memories are troubling. Rishi and Tanuja see each other. Rishi gets ready for the marriage, but his heart feels some connection with Tanuja. Ahana comes to Rishi and tells him to marry Tanuja. There will be twist in marriage. Rishi and everyone will get to know Malaika’s truth, that she is already married. Rishi and Malaika won’t get married.

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