Gopi’s fury to break Jaggi’s heart in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Jaggi gets a gift for Gopi. He gifts her a family photo to her. Gopi is angry and asks Jaggi did he add sleeping medicine in the milk. He admits and wants to say why did added it to make her take some needed rest. She breaks the photo angrily, which shocks Jaggi. Jaggi wanted to propose Gopi and thought she will be pleased seeing the family photo.

Jaggi’s heart also breaks along with the frame. Gopi scolds him with her bitter words. Gopi asks him to get away. Jaggi thinks once his love gets mutual, Gopi will confess her feelings too. He waits for mutual love happening.

Kokila comes to Gopi and asks her why did she get angry on Jaggi. Kokila will take Jaggi’s test to check if he is suitable for Gopi. Jaggi’s gift for Kokila makes her emotional. Jaggi gifts everyone in the family for Diwali. Kokila recalls Ahem seeing Jaggi getting similar gifts like Ahem. She misses Ahem and cries. Kokila blesses Jaggi. Jaggi goes to help Gopi and gets her phone. Gopi gets chance to scold him again. Jaggi hopes things will get fine soon and stays positive.



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