Rishabh’s ex girlfriend to make an entry


A little accident happens, but Raina and Rishabh stay safe. They get arrested by police and are put in lockup. Rishabh scolds the inspector and shows tashan. Raina stops him and calms him down. They both sit talking and pass time. Rishabh asks Raina why did she not say someone else was driving the car, why did she say he was driving the car. Soon, their nok jhok starts.

After going home, Raina and Rishabh do arrangements for a puja. Havan-puja is done in Rishabh’s house to get rid of Brahmarakshas. Later, Raina and Rishabh go to a mall for shopping, where people run away by panic. Rishabh protects Raina and covers her, while getting hurt in the stampede. Raina and Rishabh have an eyelock. There will be the ex factor twist. Kaya will be breaking the love story. Kaya will be obsessed to get Rishabh and try to harm Raina. Keep reading.


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