High Five Spoilers

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Kawach: Rajbeer and Paridhi have a romantic moment after a long time. Uncle asks Rajbeer to sign on Paridhi’s bail papers. Paridhi is happy. Rajbeer loves Paridhi and wants to end the annoyance. Paridhi too wants to clear the misunderstandings.

BrahmaRakshas:Kiara surprises Rishabh. He coughs seeing her. Raina takes care of him. Kiara’s entry was such that food got stuck in Rishabh’s throat seeing her. Rishabh is scared and thinking to love Raina or not, and his ex-girlfriend has come back in his life. Even Raina is in tension seeing Kiara. Kiara is Rishabh’s past, he loved Kiara a lot and he wants to go back to Kiara. His marriage with Raina is for namesake, as they married with motive to kill BrahmaRakshas.


Dayavanti can’t see Ashish going to Asha. Dayavanti burns her room and stands inside the fire ring. Ashish runs to her and jumps inside the fire. He wants to save his mum. Dayavanti asks him to get away, or accept to marry Neela. Ashish can’t see his mum dying. He hugs Dayavanti and agrees to stay with him. He gets ready to marry Neela, as Dayavanti can cross any limits to bring Ashish back home. Dayavanti succeeds in testing her son’s love for her. Asha’s haldi and sangeet was happening at her home, but now Ashish decides not to marry Asha, by getting emotionally blackmailed by Dayavanti. Avni and Dayavanti’s fight will start.

Kaala Teeka:

Kaali and Devraj are fighting because of Naina. Devraj calls Naina a evil figure. Kaali gets angry and breaks the mirror. The family is too worried. It has to be seen who will win between Kaali and Devraj.

Santoshi Maa:
Santoshi has got just troubles in her life. She prays to Santoshi Maa and is looking ahead to win in life. Devi Paulmi is back to create more troubles for Santoshi. Santoshi’s devotion is still firm. Santoshi Maa is always with her to bless her. Madhu and Ankur kidnap Dhairya’s parents to settle scores with Dhairya. How will Santoshi Maa save Santoshi and her family from growing negativity around?


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