Randhawa begins to haunt Omkara’s past in Ishqbaaz


Randhawa drops a mail for Priyanka, after seeing her with Shivay. She checks the mails and gets shocked finding a painting. She does not tell anything to Shivay. She confides the matter with Omkara. Omkara gets a big shock on seeing the accident truth painting

Omkara has done the accident. Priyanka discloses that someone knows the truth, and has sent this painting. Omkara asks Priyanka to relax, as this happened because of him, so he will take its responsibility. Priyanka cries and is scared, as she can’t see Omkara going to jail. Omkara assures her of talking to Shivay.

Omkara goes to talk to Shivay. Shivay is already worried about Randhawa doubting on his family members for Gayatri’s murder. Omkara does not tell anything to Shivay. Randhawa is sure that no fasting and puja can save Oberois this time. Omkara recalls the accident. Shivay asks him to share the matter. Shivay tells Randhawa is threatening them, but they need not worry. Shivay senses Priyanka and Omkara are worried. Omkara clears Shivay’s doubt. Omkara receives a parcel that reminds him of the accident again. Keep reading.


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