Abhi’s Dramatic wedding twists in Kumkum Bhagya


Dadi and Pragya are doing drama. But, Abhi is biggest drama king. Abhi called Pragya as Fuggi. It means Abhi’s memory came back or he never lost his memory, it means Abhi was acting and is drama king. Poor Dadi was doing drama to stop mehendi and was spoiling decoration.

When Tanu complains to Aaliya, Aaliya also supports Dadi and breaks decorations. Tanu gets surprised seeing Aaliya. Aaliya explains Tanu that we don’t care for this, if we say anything to Dadi, Abhi will get angry. Abhi asks how did the decorations fall. Aaliya says Dadi has made it fall intentionally. Abhi says its fine, who else will do that if Dadi does not. Pragya is also doing drama. She gets doctor and asks him to treat Tanu’s mummy if she falls ill. She says this is your patient, always be with her. She asks Tanu’s mum to be with doctor. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is spoiling function, my mum’s mood will get spoiled by the doctor. Abhi says Pragya is genius to care for Tanu’s mum and come up with doctor. He praises Pragya. Pragya says Dadi will tell me new plan. This time, Abhi will not get trapped by Tanu, as situation is different. Keep reading.


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