Swara and Sanskar’s filmi action-romance moment in Swaragini


Swara is in problem. The goons have caught her. Sanskar comes there and beats the goons by turning into an angry young man again. The goon breaks a bottle over Sanskar. Sanskar’s heroic side will be seen again. Sanskar’s look has got more cool and rocking. The goons were teasing Swara in the market.

Sanskar can’t see anyone hurting Swara. Swara gets hurt by falling on the ground. Sanskar and Swara have ego issues, but love has increased between them. Sanskar breaks the goon’s hand, who has twisted Swara’s hand. Sanskar shows his anger and that makes Swara see his love again. The fight scene will bring love back in Swara and Sanskar’s lives. Ragini comes to Swara after all the fight ends, and finds Swara hurt. She asks Swara to come home. Swara and Sanskar long for each other, though the annoyance wall is still between them. Keep reading.


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