High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love


Raja and Rani have fought again. They end up the fight by making up with love. Tere naal ishqa mera……plays in BG. Raja and Rani have a romantic moment. Raja stops her from leaving and gets her close. Raja got love for Rani again. Rani and Raja hug. Raja is dying seeing her beauty and sings an old romantic song Chand si mehbooba…..Raja asked Rani to give an explanation for a matter, she gets annoyed, and he sings the song to convince her. Raja fixes their pics and impresses Rani. There will be twists in their lives.

Jamai Raja:

Satya has become a child from mind. Satya has a teddy in hand and acts kiddish. Satya has changed his look again. Satya has agenda to change look, he can protect Mahi from all family members, he wants the best for Mahi. Mahi gets him to some bank, and he leaves from there. Mahi searches for him and worries. Satya left teddy bear, Mahi will find him by that hopefully. Satya is very determined. We have to see how he saves Mahi.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi does Diwali puja and there is a small accident. Dev tries to talk to Sonakshi while she lights diya. Sonakshi gets hurt and Dev takes care of her. Dev was too worried for Sonakshi and suggests her to come hospital. Dev helps Sonakshi. There will be divorce drama between Neha and her husband. Dev and Sonakshi will be shocked by the sudden happenings and also worried for Ishwari’s health.


Harman and Soumya got away from all the problems and now finally they will be staying together. Harman and Soumya get an old room for rent. They find the hotel room with all the junk. Harman and Soumya clean the room together and turn the room into a wonderful place. Soumya makes it look like a homely place. Harman and Soumya will make their small world now. But it has to be seen how the society takes their relation.

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka:

Aryan and Sanchi get married by all rituals. Aryan’s dad was insulted in the engagement function, and this makes Aryan’s heart bitter. Sanchi finds Aryan unhappy during the marriage. Aryan does not reciprocate love for Sanchi, and the relation of partnership looks in trouble. Aryan’s heart is hurt. Aryan unwillingly marries Sanchi. There is tension from the groom’s family’s side. The happiness turns into a sorrowful moment for Aryan and Sanchi. Sanchi will clear the misunderstandings and annoyance in her inlaws.


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