Rudra and Soumya to get hitched unknowingly!!


Rudra gifts Shivay for Diwali. Shivay gives Sargi to Pinky and Jhanvi. Shakti tells the tradition in the house that husbands also keep the fast for wives. Shakti keeps fast for Pinky. Jhanvi tells them that Tej also wants to keep the fast for her to keep up the traditions.

Omkara gets delighted seeing his parents’ happy moments. Pinky asks Priyanka to keep fast. Omkara passes food to the girls. Rudra asks Soumya if she is keeping fast for Reyaan. Soumya says it’s for her annual dieting. She taunts him on his Devi girlfriend. Shivay tells the family about Romi. Rudra realizes Soumya knew it before and argues with her for not telling such a big secret about Romi. Soumya makes him see reality of how he was acting like a typical boy to get a hot girlfriend. Rudra calls her jealous of Romi. Their arguments continue over Romi’s chapter.

Rudra thinks of Romi’s curse and does not have food. Soumya finds Rudra too stupid. Priyanka too asks Soumya about her fast for Reyaan. Soumya clears the matter. Romi calls up Rudra and he lies of his fast. He is scared of her warnings. Romi asks him to open fast after sighting the moon and she will be there too. Rudra talks to love angel, where Soumya gives him motivation to deal with Romi. Rudra gets close to know Soumya is the love angel. Both, Soumya and Rudra will be getting married in drunken state while they attend a party at Romi’s place. Keep reading for more. Seems, it’s going to turn more interesting. Keep reading.



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