Rudra confronts ‘love angel’ Soumya and more….


Shivay tells Rudra that moon did not come out till now. Reyaan tells Soumya that he has cold and could not come. He asks her to talk on video call as she kept fast for him. She clears that she did not keep fast for him. Soumya goes for podcast till moon comes.

Rudra does not eat anything. He gets nagging about the rituals. He goes to call love angel to get some peace. Rudra shares his hunger tolerance with love angel. Soumya asks him to do anything with heart and not be scared of everyone. Rudra is at his silly best, while Soumya gives motivation to him. He tries to sight the moon and gets shocked seeing Soumya talking to him as the love angel. Rudra realizes Soumya is the love angel. It gets hard for him to believe it.

Rudra goes to confront Soumya. She asks whether the moon has come. Rudra addresses her as love angel. Soumya gets speechless and tries to explain. He gets hurt as Soumya has lied to him always and made a fun of him to take revenge. Rudra vents his anger out on Soumya. He gets much heartbroken as Soumya has broken his trust. He breaks his friendship with Soumya. Soumya gets unwell. Rudra offers water to Soumya and feeds her. Soumya breaks her fast by Rudra’s hands. A cute moment between them is lined up. Keep reading.


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