High Five Spoilers

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant: Shaan and Rajni do the Maa Laxmi puja for Diwali. Ali Goni will be playing Virat’s character. He is negative and will bring twists in the show.

YHM: Raman and Ishita’s ghatbandhan is done by Ruhi yet another time. Raman and Ishita take the marriage vows in south Indian style. Everyone is happy. Adi takes the video so that he can show Aaliya’s Dadi. Shagun comes there along with Pihu. Raman’s mood spoils. He removes the ghatbandhan and leaves from the mandap. Ishita cries and its strange moment because of Pihu. Shagun created the drama using Pihu. Raman and Ishita’s marriage completed. Raman will convince Pihu with Ishita’s support.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raja and Rani celebrate their love. Raja gifts her a dress and they find ways to start nok jhok. They spend romantic time. He gifts her an anklet and makes her wear it. Rani does not like the short dress and does not accept to wear it. Raja gets annoyed. Their annoyance and romance goes on. Rani wears the dress and pleases Rani. Bindu comes there and breaks their matter. Bindu was scared seeing a snake and runs to Raja. She did not know Raja and Rani were romancing. Raja scolds Bindu.


Avni waits for Ashish to come back. Ashish saves Dayavanti from the fire. He gets Avni’s call. Avni is very happy for Ashish and Asha’s marriage. She did all arrangements and is excited. She asks Ashish where is he, is he coming. Ashish gets speechless. Dayavanti asks Ashish to put the phone in haldi grinder and crush the phone. Avni calls out Ashish, and Dayavanti stops him. Avni requests Dayavanti to send Ashish, as Asha is waiting for him. Dayavanti takes revenge. Ashish breaks his phone and becomes numb in sorrow. Dayavanti can’t let Ashish go against her ideals. Ashish gets helpless, while Avni keeps waiting for him. Avni’s hope begin to shatter again and she cries.


Naira could not confess her love to Kartik. Kartik and Naira have lost each other. Naira gets anger out through dance and does nonstop dance outside the house. The lovers got away because of Gayu, and the separation track will go on for a while.


Urvashi thinks Jaggi has gone mad for Gopi, and hides the gift Jaggi got for Gopi. Urvashi says she won’t let Jaggi give the gift to Gopi. She hides the box in Kokila’s room. Jaggi finds the box and thinks Kokila has hidden the gift, as Kokila too does not support him.


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