Vividha and Atharv’s awaited meet happens finally in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Atharv runs away and gets inside a trunk. He falls short of breath and moves the box. Vividha decides to say complete truth of Atharv and her to Ravish. She makes up her mind. Atharv shouts for help.

There both feel connected and their presence around. Ravish tries to find Atharv and calls his helper Situram at the temple. Ravish looks around and it turns dark. Atharv is trapped inside the box, in which he got to win the hide and seek game. Suman goes back to temple to find out if Vividha has kept the Karwachauth fast by going against her. Vividha becomes Atharv’s savior and frees him out of the box. She gets stunned seeing Atharv popping up from the box. A happy Vividha hugs Atharv, while he does not remember their love. Atharv gets flashes of the past. Keep reading.


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