Filmi drama, dance and action for SuKor in Udaan


There is filmi scene. Chakor has come to the haveli to save Suraj and takes a modern avatar like a heroine. Chakor wants to save Suraj. She wears western dress with a veil and dances on a hit number. No one identifies Chakor.

Bhaiya ji makes Suraj drunk and wanted to kill him. Chakor dances around Suraj and tries to sign him about the danger. Suraj does not understand her and claps for her dance. It gets late and Bhaiya ji aims gun at Suraj. Bhaiya ji and Ragini try to shoot Suraj. They both get shocked, when Suraj gets his men to aim gun at Bhaiya ji. He tells Bhaiya ji that he was very much aware of his plans and danger. Bhaiya ji sings Beta numberi to Baap dus numberi. He acts like filmi villains and tells Suraj that even his mummy Tejaswini can’t save him today. Shockingly, Chakor takes the gun and aims at Bhaiya ji threatening to kill him. Chakor brings much drama and saves Suraj by showing her angry side. Suraj sees Chakor truly concerned for her. The real game will begin now. The power goes and Chakor takes Suraj along her. They both run away to save their lives.


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