Abhi and Pragya’s Kumkum-Shagun moment shocks everyone


There is a big surprise for Abhi and Pragya’s fans. Abhi fills Pragya’s hairline with sindoor infront of everyone. It so happens that Abhi takes sindoor and it falls over Pragya. Abhi intentionally does so, as he loves Pragya. Abhi then acts to clean the sindoor and takes care of her. Abhi then makes her sit and applies her mehendi. He does everything by saying random things, and confuses Tanu and Aaliya.

Aaliya and Tanu are very angry seeing Pragya’s victorious Tashan and smile. Pragya has Kumkum in her Maang and has Abhi with her. There is filmi drama in the show. Abhi and Pragya’s romance infront of everyone will rock Tanu’s mehendi ceremony. Abhi has made Pragya his bride again. He applied sindoor and mehendi to her. It was Tanu’s mehendi rasam, but when fate has decided to put Kumkum in Pragya’s maang, then who can do anything. Dadi says when anyone loves someone, it does not matter what others want, no one can stop what Lord has written in fate. Tanu and Aaliya start fighting like wild cats, as their plan failed. Dadi taunts them that they can’t do anything. Pragya was getting mehendi and sindoor for Tanu. Abhi got excited and made others jealous. Aaliya open challenges Dadi and Sarla that she will make Abhi marry Tanu. What will Aaliya do now? Keep reading.


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