Pragya gets a new hope to sustain her Kumkum Bhagya


Abhi’s memory loss track should end now. Abhi will declare that he won’t marry Tanu, but track will go for long. Tanu’s mehendi function is happening, and Abhi is sad. Abhi is telling his sad story to Pragya.

Abhi gets unhappy seeing Tanu getting his initials getting written in her hand by mehendi. Abhi is not sure of marriage and feels something is missing, he has no one to share his feelings so he is telling everything to Pragya. Pragya gets happy hearing him. Abhi will show his true colors to Tanu soon. Abhi treats Sarla well and Tanu worries seeing this. Tanu gets angry and scolds Pragya. Abhi will break marriage and bring big twist soon. Keep reading.


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