Angoori and Tiwari get re-married in Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai


Angoori’s Dadi has come out of coma. She expresses her desire that she wants to see Angoori’s marriage again. Dadi rejects Tiwari ji and chooses Vibhuti for Angoori. Angoori and Vibhuti dance in the sangeet function. Vibhuti is enjoying and is much glad. Tiwari is in trouble seeing the happenings.

While the functions proceed and marriage is next, Tiwari is too worried. Tiwari thinks atleast there can be balance and he can get married to Anita. That does not happen and Tiwari gets upset. Vibhuti dresses as Tiwari and was marrying Angoori infront of everyone. Vibhuti gets the baraat and takes first round. Angoori was worried to marry Vibhuti, as it was their plan to make Tiwari jealous. Anita makes Vibhuti wear jai mala to save Angoori from awkwardness. Tiwari turns up for marriage, and Angoori gets glad. Tiwari and Angoori get married happily. Vibhuti was fantasizing about Angoori and lived the moment while acting to be Angoori’s groom.


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