Anika falls in big trouble while finding Tia’s secret


Anika finds the hotel indecent and looks for Tia. Rudra and Anika find out that Tia’s booking is not by her real name in the hotel. Rudra and Anika check few rooms. They hear Tia’s voice coming from some room and misunderstand her. They enter the room and see Tia getting therapy massage. Tia spots Rudra.

Anika and Rudra run away. Anika worries that Tia has really come for therapy and will inform Shivay now. Rudra asks her to stop Omkara from coming here. Anika could not inform Omkara as her phone battery gets dead. Rudra gets hit by the stairs and faints. Tia meets her boyfriend and asks him to leave as Rudra is here. Anika looks for Rudra. Anika hides from Tia and reaches steam chamber. The chamber fills by smoke and gets heated. Rudra gets conscious and looks for Anika. Anika gets locked inside the chamber and shouts for help. Anika faints by the steam. Rudra calls Omkara to get help in finding Anika. Omkara reaches the hotel. Rudra tells Anika got missing. Keep reading.


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