Harman and Mahi to get engaged in Shakti


Surbhi’s haldi ritual is happening and Harman got Soumya to her home. Harman and Soumya’s distance and separation got over. They are very much in love. Harman and Soumya dance and perform on a romantic song. Soumya’s friend Kalsi brings them together. Harman and Soumya enjoy Diwali together.

Soumya has got real happiness today as Harman and her relation is accepted by everyone. Soumya is happy meeting her friends and family. Soumya dances with her friends. Then the girls make Soumya dance with Harman. Harak Singh comes there. Harman meets Harak well and touches his feet. Harman leaves Soumya in the party and leaves. Soumya gets tensed that she can fall into some problem again. Preeto has got a new girl Mahi. Mahi is a bubbly girl and is like family girl. Mahi and Harman get engaged. Its one sided love from Mahi’s side. Mahi will be playing tricks along with Preeto. Mahi will accept Harman knowing Soumya was in his life before. Preeto tells Soumya’s kinner truth to Mahi. Mahi is sure she will win Harman’s love. Soumya will be found by kinners again and will get kidnapped again. Soumya has to face problems again.


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