High Five Spoilers

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Surbhi’s haldi ritual is happening and Harman got Soumya to her home. Harman and Soumya’s distance and separation got over. They are very much in love. Harman and Soumya dance and perform on a romantic song. Soumya’s friend Kalsi brings them together. Harman and Soumya enjoy Diwali together. Soumya has got real happiness today as Harman and her relation is accepted by everyone. Soumya is happy meeting her friends and family. Soumya dances with her friends. Then the girls make Soumya dance with Harman. Harak Singh comes there. Harman meets Harak well and touches his feet. Harman leaves Soumya in the party and leaves. Soumya gets tensed that she can fall into some problem again.


After a long time, Raja and Rani have come together. Rani is determined to get Raja out of his guilt. She wants to end all the prevailing tension in their relation. Raja makes Rani ready for Diwali puja, and adorns her with jewelry. He fills sindoor in her maang and hugs her. Rani makes her sindoor get on his forehead as tilak. That turns out to be a sweet moment between them. Raja gets hurt as acid falls over his hand. Raja does the aid. He has to find out who has done this.

Kumkum Bhagya:

There is a big surprise for Abhi and Pragya’s fans. Abhi fills Pragya’s hairline with sindoor infront of everyone. It so happens that Abhi takes sindoor and it falls over Pragya. Abhi intentionally does so, as he loves Pragya. Abhi then acts to clean the sindoor and takes care of her. Abhi then makes her sit and applies her mehendi. He does everything by saying random things, and confuses Tanu and Aaliya.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi does the tandav in Shiv temple, just like her mother Shivanya. Shivangi will be becoming Naagin. Her three enemies have given her such wound by killing her mother, that she can’t forgive them. Sesha gets after Shivangi and scares her in the jungle. Shiv ji saves Shivangi. Shivangi reaches the Shiv temple to get blessings for power to fight with evil powers. Shivangi will be taking revenge for Shivanya’s death. Yamini decides to get Rocky married to someone else.


Ishita’s grahpravesh is happening in Bhalla house. Mrs. Iyer does all the rituals in Mrs. Bhalla’s absence and welcomes Raman and Ishita. Everyone is happy that Adi and Aaliya got engaged. Family showers rose petals on them. Adi and Aaliya are very happy. Mani blesses them heartily. Raman and Ishita married again to unite Adi and Aaliya. Adi is happy to get his life partner. Ishita and Raman get worried seeing their room messed up by Pihu. Ishita tries to explain Pihu about their relation, and Raman gets angry. Raman shouts on Ishita for making matter worse.


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