Naamkarann — Avni abandons Ashish


    Avni sees Ashish locked and asks him who has locked him. Dayavanti says she has locked Ashish. Avni says her Papa is a superhero and will break all locks to come to her. Dayavanti asks Avni to ask Ashish once. Ashish apologizes to Avni. Avni gets dejected by Ashish’s refusal and abandons him.

    Avni was hoping that Ashish will keep his promise. While Ashish knows his helplessness and refuses only for Dayavanti’s life, Avni thinks of Asha’s reaction. Asha shatters by Ashish’s decision, only because she could not see Avni shattering. Asha never expected anything from Ashish, but Avni’s hopes breaking hurt Asha a lot. Avni tells Asha that she does not need Ashish’s name and any Naamkarann. Will Avni win Dayavanti’s heart? Keep reading.


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