Randhawa tries harder to dig out Oberois’ secrets in Ishqbaaz


Randhawa offers lift to Priyanka to drop her home. He speeds the car and scares Priyanka. She asks him to drive slowly. He takes her through the same route where accident happened. Randhawa creates a similar moment. Priyanka panics. Randhawa senses her fright.

Randhawa gives her water and acts friendly. She starts trusting him. He asks her to share if anything is bothering her. He promises to help her. Omkara calls Priyanka when she is about to tell Randhawa about the accident. Omkara asks her to come home. Priyanka tells about Randhawa dropping her home. She says she is at old bridge where accident happened. Omkara asks her not to tell anything to Randhawa. Priyanka does not reveal any details to Randhawa. Omkara is worried for Priyanka. He makes a sculpture and adds water. Priyanka panics seeing the red colored water and tells him about the blood. Omkara gets a big shock and recalls Randhawa’s conscience shaking words.


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