High Five Spoilers

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Brahmarakshas:Raina faces Brahmarakshas in the jungle. Aparajita stares at her Raina has survived. Raina has survived. She wakes up and asks the lady where is she. She tells the lady that she will take revenge from Rishabh. Raina angrily throws water on someone. Raina got hurt on her head after the accident. Raina did not lose her memory, but reacts very angrily after she gets conscious. The villager look man happens to be an educated person Shivam. Shivam saves Raina’s life. He will be protecting Raina from the devil.


Surrogate mother Chanda has disappeared. Meera does not understand where did Chanda go. Meera tells Dharam that she will die if anything happens to her child. Meera cries and panics to get a child. She is desperate and restless. Meera asks Dharam to get her child. Dharam hugs her and calms her down. Vidya can’t see Meera’s pain. Vidya and Dharam are not able to pacify Meera.

Kumkum Bhagya:

The action scene starts after the celebration. Tanu gets the mehendi applied of Abhi’s name. The girls dance. There was happiness around. Tanu shows her mehendi to Abhi. Pragya controls her happiness. Pragya makes Abhi sign on some cheque. Aaliya tells Abhi that all cheques are bogus and Pragya made Abhi sign on cheques to transfer money to her account.

Jamai Raja:

Mahi has met with an accident. Mahi gets a plastic surgery done. Mahi will get a new facce. Actress Shiny Doshi has left the show, and actress Sara Khan will be replacing her. Sarah was seen in Dilli Wali Thakur Girls before. Payal gets police to the hospital to get Satya arrested.


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