New entry brings another love triangle in BrahmaRakshas


Raina faces Brahmarakshas in the jungle. Aparajita stares at her Raina has survived. Raina has survived. She wakes up and asks the lady where is she. She tells the lady that she will take revenge from Rishabh.

Raina angrily throws water on someone. Raina got hurt on her head after the accident. Raina did not lose her memory, but reacts very angrily after she gets conscious. The villager look man happens to be an educated person Shivam. Shivam saves Raina’s life. He will be protecting Raina from the devil. He got educated abroad and did research on Brahmarakshas too. He knows how to kill Brahmarakshas. He will be the hero who will kill Brahmarakshas and save the village. He will get friendly with Raina and bear her anger.

Shivam and Raina were college friends. He had feelings for Raina. When he realizes Raina got married, he gets sad. Rishabh will be finding Raina and reach her soon. Rishabh has become Devdas. Raina and Shivam’s love story will be one-sided as of now. Raina and Shivam will fight against Brahmarakshas. Aparajita will take advantage that Rishabh is not with Raina. Aparajita goes to kill Raina, but Rishabh comes there again. Aparajita wants to take revenge as Raina has made her leave the house. Keep reading.


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