Rishi refuses to accept Tanuja heartily in Kasam


Rishi and Tanuja are married in unusual way. Rishi refuses to accept Tanuja as his wife. Rishi tells Rano that this marriage is just his helplessness. Rano says you feel this, but you don’t know Tanuja, who will try hard to win his love.

Rishi tells Rano that he will not let Tanuja complete their relation. Tanuja has got Rishi, but lost his trust. Rishi is in dilemma over Tanuja’s cheat or if Raj is really saying truth about Malaika. Doctor asks Rishi to take care of Raj. Rishi decides to give a chance to Tanuja. Malaika starts her drama and wins Rano’s sympathy. Rano asks Malaika to stay in the house. Malaika says there is nothing left in this house for her, Tanuja cheated and snatched Rishi. She asks how can Rishi get ready to give a chance to this fake relation.

Meanwhile, Rano promises Malaika that she will get Malaika’s rights back. Tanuja hears them. Rano ignores Tanuja. Rano goes to Rishi and emotionally blackmails Rishi. She tells Rishi that Tanuja is Sandy’s daughter, who has killed Tanu and made him away from Tanu forever. Tanuja hears Rishi and Rano’s conversation. Rishi tells Rano that he will never give wife’s rights to Tanuja, it is just an acting till Raj gets fine. What will Tanuja do now? Keep reading.


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