Shivay expresses his offbeat belief on ‘Love’ in Ishqbaaz


Shivay helps Anika instead her assistant. Shivay has forgiven Anika for her mistake to doubt Tia. Their sweet and silly moments will be seen again in the show. Anika tells him she apologized to Tia and apologizes to Shivay also.

Shivay says he knows Tia very well, they might have love, but have honesty and trust in their relationship. He is sure what Tia feels for him and even Tia knows his feelings. Anika jokes that its tough to know his feelings. He asks her not to let her feelings increase and overpower her mind.

Shivay says emotions make a person mad and useless. He asks her not to focus on anyone and instead focus on work. He offers help to migrate her to any other city to make her career and fulfill her dreams. She asks if he wants her to leave the city. She says her world is here, signing to him. He asks her about her dreams to open any catering business or marriage. She thanks him for thinking so much for her, and states he can’t make her life by his help. She chooses to walk ahead without anyone’s support. That’s Takkar Ki Jodi Shivika… Keep reading.


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