Rudra escapes from Romi’s clutches in Ishqbaaz


Rudra tries to run away from Romi’s house. He does not have any clothes to wear and escape. Romi asks him to just wrap towel and come out to get clothes. Rudra manages to run away from the window in the same state. Soumya worries for Rudra and thinks to talk to Shivay about him.

Rudra comes home and meets Soumya. Soumya gets shocked seeing his state. Rudra cries his heart out and tells how dirty he feels after the night with Romi. He tells Romi’s madness and what all she did. Soumya feels his pain and consoles him. Rudra panics thinking of Romi. Soumya asks him to relax, as he is at his home right now, where his brothers are there to protect him. Soumya takes care of Rudra. She cries seeing his pain. Rudra feels scared of Romi, who got after him to marry. Soumya tries to make Rudra come out of the trauma. Keep reading.


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