Anika wises up by more clues against Tia in Ishqbaaz


Tia tells Anika to call designer, as the costumes do not fit well. Tia says it needs alterations. Anika tries to get clues and offers water in two glasses, when Tia coughs. She tells Tia that she has seen two juice glasses on video call. Tia manages to lie.

Anika does not lose so soon. She says she will call designer. She tells Tia to talk to designer about halter neck blouse. She says designer said button can’t open on own and maybe someone else has opened it. Tia asks Anika what does she mean to say. Anika kinds of confronts her. Tia gets her boyfriend’s call and is delighted to know of her boyfriend’s gift. Anika incidentally gets to see the gift. Tia asks her boyfriend why did he leave a gift in her bag, that could get risky if anyone sees it. Anika sees T and D initials pendant. She thinks to find more about Tia. Tia checks the gift and smiles. Anika asks her the reason for her smile. She asks about the gift. Tia says its personal and ends the conversation. Will Anika get to the roots of the secret? Keep reading.


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