Omkara requests Riddhima to come back in Ishqbaaz


Omkara recalls how Riddhima came in her life. Omkara has fallen into drugs addiction years ago. Shivay and Rudra find Omkara in bad state and worry for him. Shivay checks the drugs and wonders since when Omkara started taking drugs.

Rudra feels Omkara should meet a counselor Riddhima. Riddhima was Omkara’s counselor. Omkara feels he needs Riddhima again. Omkara sends voice message for Riddhima and asks why did she did breakup by sending video message. He requests Riddhima to come back as he is incomplete without her. He explains her value in his life. Shivay tries to ask Omkara about the problem. He asks Omkara not to lie, as he can’t lie. Shivay feels Omkara is falling back in sorrow like before. Omkara makes excuses. Shivay understands Omkara is hiding something and gives him space and time to share the matter on his own.

On the other hand, Randhawa goes to offer lift to Priyanka. She takes his class and asks him to leave her and her brothers alone, as he can’t trap them in his interrogation tactics. Randhawa tries to clear it. Priyanka vents her anger. She falls and Randhawa holds her to help. He offers her lift. She refuses and goes in her car. Will Randhawa give up? Keep reading.


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