Colors’ Mini Spoilers



Rishi meets Tanuja in their room. Tanuja tells him that she did not know anything and Raj made her sit in mandap by giving her an oath. Rishi shouts on her for cheating him. Rishi and Tanuja have married, but they are such lovers who can be together, but can’t unite.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Sankara has dropped the scorpion in the milk. When Thapki and Bihaan sit for rituals, Thapki puts her hand inside the mik. She gets bitten by the scorpion. Sankara does not want Vaani to get engaged with Bihaan. She creates hurdles in puja also. Thapki blackmails Bihaan and does not stop from getting engaged. Bihaan is worried as Vaani can send his family to jail. Thapki will get engaged at any cost.

Naagin 2: Shivangi is attacked by Maheshmati. She tells Maheshmati that she will not tell anything about Naagmani. She says her Maa and Papa died to save Naagmani, and she will not let her deaths go waste. Shivangi’s sister is caught and enemies blackmail Shivangi to speak up, else she will bite her sister. Maheshmati slaps Shivangi. She takes the bee form and goes to bite Shivangi’s sister. Shivangi had to agree to enemies to save her sister. She lifts the Naagmani and hands it over to Maheshmati.


Suraj loses his cool when Ragini slaps him. Chakor understands Suraj will take revenge. Suraj kidnaps Ragini and calls Bhaiya ji at the old godown, to kill both of them at once. Suraj makes Ragini stand over Bhaiya ji’s shoulder, with a rope in her neck. He threatens to kill them and shoots at Bhaiya ji, while Bhaiya ji pleads for his life. Chakor comes in nick of the moment and stops Suraj from blood staining his hands by killing such criminals. Chakor asks Suraj to become witness against Bhaiya ji when the time needs so.


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