Rudra and Romi’s connection gets known to family


Romi visits Rudra and tells him about their marriage on Dhanteras day. Rudra lies to her that he is going Greece on a work trip and will not stay back. Romi appears sad to him. Pinky suggests Shivay and Tia should do puja, while Tej feels Omkara, Shivay and Rudra should do Laxmi puja together.

Romi meets them and tells about puja done by heart and devotion. She tells them that Rudra is going far and they will also get courage to stay without Rudra. She does Devi talk. Pinky gets impressed by Romi and falls in her feet. Pinky tells everyone that Devi has come home. Romi gets glad and admits she is a Devi. Tej, Shakti and Jhanvi find Romi a weirdo. Pinky really believes Romi. She invites Romi in the Laxmi puja. Romi calls her true devotee and accepts the invitation. Romi tells Rudra is her Devta, and that’s why she rejected Ranbir too. Tej asks Romi to get lost else he will throw her out. Romi leaves on her own.

Rudra feels free of Romi and calls up Chubby to party tonight. He tells Chubby that psycho Romi went out of his life. Soumya is going to meet Reyaan. Rudra finds her beautiful and cute for a moment. He thinks what is happening to him. Soumya asks him to drop her. Rudra finds her irritating and thinks to control his mind. Rudra and Soumya come across Romi. Romi catches Rudra again.


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